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Electronic Source Data System

Collect Higher Quality Source Data

Advarra eSource is a comprehensive, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant electronic source data system that enables your study staff to easily capture source data in real-time, reducing capture time, minimizing duplicate data entry, reducing monitoring visits, and optimizing study data management.

The Value of an eSource Solution

Processing paper forms can create many obstacles for your clinical trial team, including added labor hours and increased risk of errors. Gathering data digitally with eSource decreases operational costs, improves the participant experience, reduces study delays, and elevates the quality of the information your staff collects. Staff can easily collect data using a PC or a tablet, which can also result in more time to spend with participants.

Advarra eSource adds the ability to remotely share high-quality data, resulting in reduced sponsor monitoring costs and accelerated source data verification, enhancing chances of being selected as a trial site. Many sponsors are also seeing the benefits of covering your eSource costs, as there is a direct benefit to them as well.

Why eSource?

Reduce Data Capture Time

• Provide efficient digital capture
• Minimize double-data entry
• Enable tablet device access

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Increase Source Data Quality

• Leverage built-in edit checks and QA workflows
• Enable real-time query resolution
• Reduce protocol deviations

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Reduce Payment Cycle Time
  • Accelerate payments with automated CTMS visit completion
  • Speed up source data verification
  • Increase data accuracy

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Streamline Data Access
  • Provide efficient digital capture
  • Allow access from tablet devices
  • Enable remote access

Minimize Monitoring Visits
  • Improve site/sponsor relations
  • Enable remote monitoring and data verification
  • Increase quality of shared data

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Enhance Financial Performance
  • Reduce study billing cycles through real-time reporting
  • Minimize transcription errors
  • Allow remote post-visit tasks