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Electronic Platform Integration to Begin in May

As part of ongoing integration efforts, Advarra will begin migrating legacy Schulman IRB study information into the Advarra electronic platform in May 2018. Clients will be contacted beginning in March to discuss the migration process and develop a transition plan. All new submissions to Advarra will be submitted and managed through the Advarra platform starting May 1, 2018.

The combined Advarra organization will use the technology platform known as the Center for IRB Intelligence (CIRBI), an enhanced submissions and review management system built on legacy Chesapeake IRB technology. Over the years there have been many updates and user-friendly features added to the platform, customizing it to meet the unique needs of IRB clients. Active feedback from clients will allow Advarra to continue to enrich the platform’s capabilities and features moving forward.

The Advarra integration team has previously conducted similar migration projects like this. Using proven processes, the Advarra team will ensure the migration is done efficiently and securely. Advarra will work with each client to determine the timeline and steps involved in the client-specific migration. The process involves extensive validation to confirm data integrity, including data comparison using database scripts, comparison of import script logs with the input data and executing import files in a validation environment.

Documents necessary for IRB operations and client needs will be imported to CIRBI, including the most current protocol, product information and informed consent documents. Documents currently available in the Schulman eTools system will remain accessible through the required data retention period past study termination.

The improved Advarra CIRBI platform offers:

For more information, or to schedule a CIRBI demo, please contact Business Development.

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