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Coming Together to Benefit the Greater Research Community

At Advarra, our mission is to advance human health by empowering compliant, efficient, and collaborative research. Our innovative suite of products and services safeguards patients, empowers clinical sites, ensures compliance, and optimizes research performance. We deliver integrated solutions to our life sciences, CRO and academic research center clients that support the critical work they do: delivering life-saving therapies to patients.

On Monday, November 23, Advarra took another step forward with the acquisition of Longboat, a leading provider of clinical trial technologies focused on site training, protocol compliance, and patient engagement. The addition of Longboat expands Advarra’s capabilities and connects site training and patient engagement tools with existing regulatory compliance solutions and clinical site technologies.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Longboat provides a user-friendly and integrated technology platform that simplifies trial conduct and patient participation, increases study compliance, and accelerates clinical trials. Through the Longboat platform, study teams have a bird’s-eye view of site engagement, empowering teams to make decisions to keep their protocol on track.

Additionally, site staff are given the tools to focus on patient care while maintaining protocol compliance, a paramount responsibility for sites and sponsors.

For participants, agreeing to take part in clinical research can be daunting. Through Longboat’s user-friendly platform, participants gain access to advanced protocol education tools, informed consent, visit reminders, and guidance, simplifying their experience from initial consent through their final visit. By way of enhanced patient engagement and the use of mobile technologies, participants are more likely to stay enrolled throughout the entirety of the trial.

Advarra’s standards-based technology solutions allow clinical research sites to gain comprehensive visibility into research operations, increase financial visibility, enhance compliance across their enterprise, and encourage strategic decision-making. Combining forces with Longboat further evolves the shared mission of advancing clinical trials and accelerating drug development with a site-centric approach.

“By empowering sites and engaging patients through technology, Longboat creates a natural bridge from our IRB and IBC reviews and consulting services to our existing site-facing technology solutions, including OnCore, our clinical trial management system,” said Gadi Saarony, CEO of Advarra.

Coming Together, Providing New Opportunities

Integrating Longboat’s solutions with Advarra’s IRB and IBC reviews, consulting services, and technology solutions will provide a host of opportunities to advance research and the participant experience. With educational resources at a participant’s fingertips, they are more likely to understand the trial in its entirety. Longboat’s platform allows participants to learn at their own pace or go back and reread at any time to ensure comprehension. A well-versed patient is more likely to be engaged throughout a trial and complete a study. Having the ability to provide these resources conveniently, rather than relying on the participants to do their own research, increases the chances that they will become knowledgeable in the study. Longboat has a stellar reputation with sites, and many academic medical center sites that run Advarra Technology Solutions use Longboat site training solutions for complex trials, including oncology, CNS, and rare disease. Longboat and Advarra also share many of the same life sciences and CRO customers.

The addition of Longboat also complements Advarra’s study startup services such as protocol optimization, site identification, clinical quality assurance, and more. Streamlining the startup process is pivotal to a study’s success, especially in an industry where time is of the essence. Participants are placed on a protocol quicker, allowing the protocol to move through each phase, with treatments ultimately reaching the market and patients earlier. By utilizing Longboat’s platform to enhance Advarra’s already robust line of products and services, it sets up Advarra customers to succeed in addressing the increasingly complex needs associated with research.

To learn more about Advarra’s acquisition of Longboat, read our press release.

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