Budget Negotiation Services

Accelerate your timelines, alleviate budget negotiation burdens, and ensure you meet your funding goals with Advarra.

The budget negotiation process can be one of the most time-consuming components in clinical trial start up activities.

Rely on Advarra’s expertise, resources, and quick turnaround time to help ensure your funding goals are achieved.

Knowledgeable & Comprehensive

Optimize study activation timelines, ensure compliance, and develop a comprehensive study budget by partnering with Advarra’s budget negotiation experts.

Prioritize Resources

Enable your site to prioritize staff and resources focusing on impactful activities to ensure efficient study activation.

Gain Efficiencies

By utilizing industry best practices, Advarra can help streamline internal processes. Monitor funding and turnaround goals through trends and metrics.

Customized Services

Based on the needs of your institution, we will create a customized playbook to maximize productivity, mitigate financial risk, and put you on the path towards startup success.

Deep Expertise

Our years of expertise working with a vast range of partners helps us understand what to expect and how to escalate budget to give our customers the best outcomes possible. Our team has the expertise to take on complex negotiations, allowing you to focus on the science.

Streamline Study Activation

Advarra can handle the communication processes, address challenges and pitfalls, and reach an agreement to shorten study startup timelines.

Discover the benefits of leveraging Advarra’s team of negotiation experts.

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