Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Streamline data collection, management, and compliance with EDC

Integrated with OnCore CTMS and equipped with a lab results interface via FHIR, our EDC system helps streamline workflows and ensure high data integrity.


The system has helped us improve our data collection processes and helped to make communication more effective. The different options for building form constraints has helped us to ensure higher data quality.

Courtney Kennedy MSN, RN-BC

Manager, Clinical Trials Applications, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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Efficiently Implement and Validate your Advarra EDC Instance

Leverage Advarra’s robust implementation and validation process

Our holistic approach encompasses implementation, validation, legacy-form template building, and study build activities to quickly provide you a validated, centralized source for all your investigator initiated trial data.

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Wayne State University Streamlines Compliance with Validation Services for Advarra EDC

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What makes EDC a good fit for me?

The system is designed to serve the academic research community to help address the complexities you face running Investigator Initiated Trials. In addition, EDC is validation-ready and fully supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, integrates with OnCore CTMS, and offers a lab results interface via FHIR.

Who hosts EDC? Does my IT Team need to be involved?

EDC is an easily accessible, cloud-based, Advarra-hosted solution. Because Advarra hosts the system, very few IT and administration resources are required. To maximize your ad-hoc reporting capabilities, you may need a dedicated report writer.

How can I validate the system?

To efficiently implement EDC, validate your instance, and develop processes to maintain your EDC validation for each new protocol and system upgrade, Advarra has developed a robust implementation and validation service. Our holistic approach encompasses implementation and initial validation.

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Streamline processes and increase data integrity by leveraging EDC’s integration with OnCore, the leading comprehensive clinical research management system for mid-size to large organizations with complex needs.

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