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Informed Consent Development

Craft Comprehensive, Easy-to-Read ICFs

Ensure your clinical trial documentation is compliant while making study activation more efficient. A user-friendly informed consent form (ICF) can help ensure participants are properly informed and increase trial retention rates.

Technology Products

Advarra’s experts have the ability to translate a protocol document into a compliant and understandable consent document, allowing sites to enroll participants onto protocols quicker.

Our Services Include:

Our ICF writing services help make early phase research more efficient.

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Informed Consent: When, Why, and How It’s Obtained

Aside from being a regulatory and ethical requirement, informed consent is a good way to ensure participant knowledge and develop a foundation trust between researcher and participant.

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Informed Consent: 6 Approaches to Increase Participant Comprehension

Explore six approaches for improving informed consent and supporting participants’ understanding of the studies they are asked to join.

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10 Tips for Writing Compliant Participant Materials

February 28, 2020

Recruitment materials are a potential participant’s first introduction to the study, and post-consent materials can influence an individual’s decision about continued participation. It is important to adhere to the principles ...

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