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Introduction to Decentralized Clinical Trials

September 28, 2021

Decentralized clinical trials and the solutions and services that support them are still taking shape in the new research landscape. Learn what they are, how they impact your responsibilities and explore solutions to challenges implementing decentralized clinical trials.


The way we conduct clinical research is changing adoption of decentralized and remote modalities are increasing as researchers work to overcome common obstacles to participation and improve access to research. Decentralized clinical trials, commonly known as DCTs, are nontraditional study models that use technology and processes to create participation options beyond a physical presence at a research site.

There are many benefits to conducting DCTs, including expanding research access to underserved populations, timely data collection, and stronger submissions. However, the regulations, trial designs, and technologies to support DCTs continue to evolve in our research landscape.

As your trusted partner for services and solutions to complex challenges, Advarra understands the motivations and barriers your facing when implementing new participant-centric strategies. Advarra’s experienced IRB is well equipped to review studies encompassing telehealth, wearables, eConsent, mobile medical applications, remote data collection, and more.

To help you navigate regulations and guidance and protect participants in your trial design and conduct. Advarra’s expert consulting team provides your organization guidance on compliance, study design, knowledge on best practices, and regulatory considerations, and supports internal training and process development. Advarra’s innovative technology solutions for sponsors, CROs, and sites enable remote engagement with all study stakeholders.

From virtual site training and visits to remote pre-screening, eConsent, remote monitoring and more. Supporting your adoption and implementation of decentralized workflows. Positioned at the intersection of compliance, technology, and collaboration, Advarra enables your decentralized clinical trial efforts from study design through close-out, through our trusted services and solutions.

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