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Turbocharging Clinical Trial Activation Timelines

November 30, 2023

Navigating the intricacies of clinical trial activation can be quite challenging, particularly when striving to expedite the timeline. Achieving a delicate equilibrium between formulating a budget to align with your organization’s resources, engaging in successful negotiations with sponsors, securing essential approvals, and conducting a feasibility assessment for the trial at your site is paramount. All of this must be accomplished within a streamlined timeframe to ensure sites can meet their financial benchmarks and accrual targets. However, this raises the question of effectively striking this balance and meeting the demanding goals of your initiative.

Using Advarra Professional Services for trial activation reduces the timeline to just 6.5 weeks, as opposed to the industry average of 20 weeks. Organizations can potentially decrease their average study startup timeline by 75.9%, shortening the 139-day timeframe to 43 days. The infographic below highlights how using Advarra’s Professional Services will ease study startup burdens.

Download a larger version of the infographic

Turbocharging Clinical Trial Activation Timelines

Study Activation Timeline

CTMS Calendar

Coverage Analysis

Final Review, Study Team Inputs

Budget Setup and Negotiations


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