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IRB Services for Institutions, Health Systems, and Research Consortia

Over 3,500 institutions, hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers (AMCs) trust Advarra to ensure compliant research conduct for everything from single investigational sites to multiple site research consortia and therapeutic networks.

Our people, processes, and software provide project transparency, greater control, and real-time monitoring across all studies — no matter the location.

Advarra provides ACCRU with a thorough review process. This allows us to be more efficient with our study development and start-up times. The CIRBI Platform is also easy to use, and the customer service is excellent.

Brett Percival

Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Clinical Research Office

Leveraging a Central IRB Office to Improve Turnaround Times and Consistency

Discover how ACCRU streamlined their protocol development process.

Who works with Advarra?

Request the list of over 3,500 institutions, hospitals, health systems, and AMCs relying on Advarra’s IRB.

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Flexible Solutions Tailored to Your Institution’s Unique Needs

Do More with Customized Services and Real-Time Reporting
  • A dedicated, experienced point of contact who knows your local requirements and studies
  • Clear, coordinated communications
  • Flexible processes for incorporating institutional informed consent form (ICF) language
  • Simple options for oversight deferral according to local needs
  • Custom training for researchers and staff
  • Integrated operations and procedures between Advarra and local IRB office
  • Web-based technologies that are available anytime, anywhere
Rely on Thorough, Expert Reviews

Trust Advarra to provide high-integrity review and feedback regardless of project size, scope, or complexity. Advarra has experience overseeing research in each phase and in every major therapeutic area.

Make Your Local Processes More Efficient

Advarra works with institutional leadership to ensure internal processes and local context are addressed to facilitate a collaborative approach in protecting research participants.

Meet Critical Study Milestones with Rapid Turnaround Times

Advarra provides prompt, accurate, and thorough reviews, and we can work with you to meet demanding timelines.

  • New protocol and initial informed consent for multisite studies (full board review): 4-5 business days
  • New protocol and initial informed consent (minimal risk review): 1-2 business days
  • New site for a multisite study: 1-2 business days

Please note: Turnaround reflects timeline from receipt of submission to IRB review. Turnaround time is dependent upon complete and accurate submission of study documents. Any follow up requiring a response may extend this turnaround time.

Customized Services for Institutions

Whether you need increased IRB review capacity or a completely managed local IRB service, Advarra can help your institution, health system, hospital, or university move research forward.

Advarra GPS Managed Service

Expand your resources and maintain compliance with a turnkey solution that drives all local IRB office components.
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IRB Staffing and Consulting

Gain experienced interim staff and IRB members to add capacity, cover for vacancies, or improve your local IRB program.
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Independent IRB Review

Rely on the same efficient integrated IRB review trusted by over 3,500 institutions.
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Leading Expertise for Every Research Program

Advarra works with each institution to ensure their policies and other local concerns are appropriately addressed. An experienced point of contact is available to assist with inquiries regarding studies under Advarra oversight.

Broad institutional support experience

Advarra can provide support for academic medical centers (AMCs), health systems, colleges, universities, hospital systems, community hospitals, nursing facilities, and other centers that may or may not have local IRBs. Advarra can serve as an institution’s IRB where there is not a local IRB with jurisdiction or where the local IRB defers jurisdiction in writing to Advarra.

Institutional networks

Advarra has built dedicated, specialized capabilities to serve as the IRB of record for dozens of institutional site networks, including therapeutically specialized groups. We support networks ranging in size from 10 sites to 600. Coordinating centers have the visibility and control they need with the Advarra CIRBI Platform. Manage your network studies the way you want with review processes adapted to meet your protocol’s needs.

Federally funded research

Public funds account for an important segment of research in Canada and in the United States and leads to crucial discoveries. Advarra pivots smoothly between private and public funding; we apply the same processes and resources to each. Our AAHRPP-accredited IRB complies with the United States’ Common Rule and Canada’s Tri-Council Policy Statement. We can oversee federally funded studies as a local IRB for a single investigator or as the designated single IRB (sIRB) for multisite studies. Advarra reviews research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Justice (DoJ), the Veterans Administration (VA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and other government agencies.

Advarra has overseen more than 1,000 federally funded studies and can provide a budget estimate for IRB and more, as well as documentation for your NIH grant application to identify your project’s sIRB and outline responsibilities and communication tactics.

Single IRB (sIRB) mandates

If your institution receives federal funding for multisite research, then you’ll need an sIRB of record. Set your institution up for success by designating Advarra as your sIRB of record. Benefit from our existing processes, procedures, and resources, including budget planning support for grant applications.

Building your own sIRB or serving as a coordinating center for the first time? Empower your institution to thrive in the new sIRB reality. Let Advarra Consulting assess your human research protection program, processes, technology, and documents to help avoid the stress of noncompliance.

Grant-funded research

There is much to consider when developing a grant application. Maximize your funding request and avoid resource surprises down the line with Advarra’s grant application checklist. When you’re ready, request a budget estimate to include with your application.

Investigator-initiated studies

Advarra can help sponsor investigators meet the unique challenges and responsibilities of investigator-initiated studies. Your study may be investigator-initiated if you are the primary author of the protocol, if you have initiated the research yourself, or if you are assuming all regulatory responsibilities for the research (i.e., serving as both investigator and sponsor).

Community-based research

Advarra has broad experience in reviewing community-based research conducted in virtually every region of the globe; this experience is as diverse as the patient needs assessments, health determinants, and outcomes in various communities and strata of society. These include studies of substance abuse, domestic violence, gambling, human factors, and educational intervention innovation, among many others. These projects are often publicly funded or funded by the communities themselves with limited governmental or non-governmental organization (NGO) support.

How to Defer IRB Oversight

To work with Advarra, most institutions require a deferral agreement of some type.

  • We offer flexible deferral options, including global deferral agreements, which outline all reliance relationship details and streamline the IRB submission process.
  • No commitment or fee is required to establish an agreement.
  • Advarra is a member of SMART IRB, and we accept the mutual agreement. It’s easy to use this agreement process if your institution is also a SMART IRB member.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us to discuss options like oversight waivers, IRB authorization agreements (IAAs), master services agreements (MSAs), SMART IRB member agreements, and more.

Technology-Enabled IRB Processes for Streamlined Reviews

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