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Biopoint Tracker

Maximize Resource Utilization and Patient Access to Care

Biopoint Tracker is a comprehensive, automated, rule-based process flow and tracking application designed to maximize resource utilization and patient access to care. The solution can be used in a variety of areas including surgery, pharmacy, radiology, dental, and clinics.

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Biopoint treatment tracker showing different medical specialties with little icons and text

Why Biopoint Tracker?

Procedure Tracking

Clear insights into the status of each procedure in your department or facility to allow for more patients to move through the process.

  • Integrates with VistA to pull all necessary information for procedure tracking
  • Rearrange cases on-the-fly to maximize utilization
  • Clear visibility to each patients’ progression through the procedure process

Patient Tracking

Seamlessly track the status of each patient’s visit to reduce wait times, ensure higher levels of patient throughput, and increase patient satisfaction.

  • Seamlessly track information related to each patient’s visit in real-time
  • Track patients in every department, including the OR
  • Determine root causes of any delays and easily correct
  • Monitor each patient’s progress

Medicine Order Tracking

Prioritize medication order fulfillment, reduce patient wait times, and improve patient comfort, care, and safety.

  • Pull medication orders from VistA automatically
  • Track medication order statuses and corresponding next actions.
  • View all new medication orders in a single, easily viewed location
  • Promote order prioritization of “now” or “patient critical” orders

Root Cause Analysis

Root out sources of delay or confusion and correct to further improve facility or department processes.

  • Identify delays or other factors negatively impacting the patient’s flow through the procedure process
  • Track individual provider’s metrics to address potential slow downs
  • Use historical data to reduce patient wait times and increase satisfaction

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