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Your Comprehensive Clinical Trial Navigator

Unite Site Staff, Participants, and Study Teams With the Longboat Platform

Ensure compliant and confident execution of the protocol by sites, empower and inform study participants, and efficiently manage and monitor studies within one intuitive platform.

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One Platform. One Team.

All key stakeholders—clinical operations, monitors, site staff, and participants—access one integrated support platform with content tailored to meet their specific needs.

Site Staff

Provide your site staff the tools and resources they need to stay engaged and compliant while focusing on the participant.


Support participants on their study journey from recruitment through to trial close-out with information and resources they need to be informed, empowered, and to feel appreciated.

Study Staff

Manage global studies by ensuring sites are informed, and engaged, and view real-time data to identify sites that need extra support.

Introducing Secure Document Exchange

Centralize the secure exchange of regulated documents between sponsors, CROs, and sites, significantly streamlining study startup and eliminating historically cumbersome processes across research stakeholders.

All regulatory documents, originating with a sponsor or at a site, can be managed, signed, and securely exchanged to the correct parties for long-term storage into the sponsors Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) and sites Investigator Site File (eISF) via Advarra eReg.

Enabling study teams to centrally and compliantly, 

  • Manage documents and document metadata and enable communications within a centralized platform 
  • Distribute all necessary documents and metadata to sites globally in a consistent and recorded manner 
  • Request documents required from sites on a global, regional, or single-site basis 
  • Track and monitor the status of documents and requests 
  • Route all relevant documents to the appropriate eTMF

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Platform Proven to Engage Stakeholders for a Faster and Safer Trial


Site Training Compliance

Enrollment completed 7 months early in a Phase III study


More Longboat Usage

Recruiting vs. non-recruiting sites in a Phase III study


Total Study Enrollment

Achieved by sites that used the pre-screen navigator in a four-study program

Key Platform Features

An integrated toolset ensuring that site staff, participants, and study teams are virtually guided from patient recruitment to study close-out, centrally managed on an advanced, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant platform.

decorative icon of a certificate signifying training qualifications

Complete Site Training Solution

Support site staff with study-specific training, including task and event-based training deployment, assessment and certification, and oversight into training completion.
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decorative icon signifying recruitment, magnifying glass observing a patient

Recruitment & Referral Management

Streamline participant recruitment, centralize referral tracking, oversee recruitment metrics and set realistic enrollment goals via Patient Connect within the Longboat platform.
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decorative icon of computer screen and screening questions

Pre-Screening Navigator

Make the pre-screening process easier and faster by allowing sites to complete pre-screening logs on any device, with data being made instantly available to the study team.
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decorative icon signifying patient care, expressive hand

Participant & Caregiver Engagement

Once enrolled, keep participants and their caregivers informed, engaged, and empowered throughout the study.
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decorative icon signifying risk, caution cone

Study Engagement & Risk Dashboard

Oversee studies with clear dashboards to identify and quickly resolve engagement and compliance issues.
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Decorative Icon showing a workflow

Visit Essentials

Ensure site staff and participants remain compliant with clear patient-specific visit walkthroughs, visit reminders, and virtual visits.
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decorative heart Icon with heart beat

Medical Animations

In-depth 3D animations of the investigational product’s mechanism of action and study procedures.
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Decorative icon showing a bar graph

Feasibility Navigator

Accurately identifies sites with an appropriate patient population based on study eligibility criteria.
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decorative icon signifying integration with other products

Integration Ready

Reduce the burden with real-time, two-way data interfaces, including single sign-on, and integration with IRT, EDC, ePRO, and recruitment systems.

decorative icon of spaceship signifying navigation

Consent Navigator

Increase understanding and ensure informed consent via educational videos for participants.
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decorative information icon - circle with I icon

Information and Communication

Ensure targeted communications are prioritized and acknowledged via eSignature.
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decorative icon signifying an amendment workflow

Amendment Rollouts

Seamlessly manage rollouts of protocol amendments and associated training.
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Additional Longboat Capabilities

A Purpose-built Clinical Research Cloud Platform

Built upon clinical research best practices, Advarra Cloud is a next-generation platform delivering applications in an easy-to-use, fully managed environment. Learn how the Cloud can help you automate, connect, and expedite processes across the clinical trial lifecycle.

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