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Above & Beyond: Better Utilize In-House Reporting Resources with Advarra Insights

Reporting and operations knowledge plays an important role in successful research conduct, from communicating with leadership and funding entities to informing decisions around study startup, protocol selection, and staff assignments. Having confident visibility into your research operations and resources has continued to grow as a priority for leadership across the country, evidenced by the increasing reliance on reporting and analytics teams.

However, the reporting landscape is wider than ever, ranging from ad hoc reporting off internal data warehouses to deployment of fully-fledged business intelligence solutions like Tableau or Power BI. Choosing the appropriate combination of methods, tools, and teams to derive meaningful, actionable information from your research data requires intentional planning for the highest return on investment. Here’s why thinking about reporting staff and tools as ‘either/or’ limits your organization’s potential.

The Shared Value of Standardization & Collaboration

Advarra Insights was created to address common challenges faced by research organizations across the industry. While operational hurdles and OnCore workflows may feel unique to your institution, our experience and collaboration with research teams revealed many common topics that could be addressed effectively through a standardized business intelligence solution. Advarra Insights contains turnkey dashboards that provide actionable insight into managing study activation, accruals, effort tracking, and more, which have been fine tuned to the shared reporting needs we see across the community.

Learn how UW Carbone Cancer Center benefited from Advarra Insights’ collaborative development to improve their site accrual

Maximize the Impact of In-House Reporting Teams

Consider this – when your reporting team is being inundated with requests and has limited bandwidth, what is the best use of their time? Comprehensive dashboards from Advarra Insights acts as your institution’s core suite of reports, providing teams with a collection of out-of-the-box analytics reports covering accrual, activation, and financials. By leveraging the effort already invested by our developers and community collaborators in Advarra Insights’ core reports, your custom reporting teams are unleashed and can refocus their effort on high value, high impact institutional reporting tailored to your unique datasets and inputs. This maximizes their time and expands the scope of work they can deliver.

For example, perhaps your institution has an initiative to improve and expand service to underserved populations. A way to maximize resource allocation is to leverage Insights’ Accrual Demographics dashboard to analyze and segment accruals by gender, race, and pediatric status. With those segments covered, in-house teams can focus on examining other accrual variables like rural vs urban that may rely on additional, institution-specific data sets available to your organization, like an EHR database. Leveraging both resources – the out-of-the-box reporting suite in Insights and in-house reporting teams – enables your institution to have a more robust, efficient view of underserved population accrual to then develop data-driven strategies for improvement.

Be Free of Behind-the-Scenes Burdens

When report writers use time to manage data gaps or fix errors on core reports, it detracts from the time spent on deeper, more institution-centric reporting. Advarra Insights ensures accurate, consistent, and up-to-date dashboards so you can efficiently and confidently provide insight to your organizational leadership and study teams. In addition, Advarra Insights aligns with OnCore’s security to more easily and securely share reports across your organization without worry of appropriate permissions or access. Rounded out with comprehensive documentation and secure hosting, you’ll be able to trust and quickly utilize the information available at your fingertips.

Leveraging standardization, maximizing your custom report capabilities, and removing behind-the-scenes burdens are all ways Advarra Insights can complement your current full-time reporting staff. Explore more about Advarra Insights to advance your research potential.

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