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Surface the right data to make informed decisions

Improve your clinical research operations strategies using comprehensive, diverse dashboards built through collaboration with top researchers.


Easily answer your most critical clinical research questions

Turnkey, intuitive dashboards deliver meaningful insights, with in-depth analysis of past performance, current state, and projected outcomes.

These visualizations, built using the collective expertise of the customer community, allow you to make informed, proactive decisions and take your research operations to the next level.

Here are just a few questions you can answer using Insights dashboards:

  • Which studies are “problem protocols” and are failing to achieve enrollment targets?
  • Which studies are currently in the process of study start-up and how are they progressing towards activation?
  • Am I getting a representative sampling of my catchment area, by location, gender, race, and ethnic status?
  • How much staff time (effort) is going into activating a new study?
  • How has accrual within a specific management group performed over time?

Learn how Advarra Insights helps customers make strategic, informed operational decisions

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Karmanos Cancer Institute Unites Operational Teams and Creates Optimized Processes

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Insights FAQ

Which fields are pulled from OnCore and EVAL?

Contact us to receive a spreadsheet to see where all variables used in Insights are being pulled from OnCore and EVAL source fields.

Can I add users to access only certain information?

You can apply the same privileges that are utilized in OnCore to Insights, including the same set of protocols and fields to which a user has access.

Can I email information from the system?

Users can send emails directly from the system for specific dashboards by pulling in the exact protocol and related details that need attention.

How will I know if my data is valid once it’s in Insights?

We have data readiness dashboards available for select Insights dashboards, which give you an overall score that represents how much you can trust your records, broken down by management group. Additionally, it shows where and what to fix (i.e., the specific invalid field for a protocol).

Do I need Insights if I have dedicated report writers?

Insights is not a means to replace report writers, statisticians, or IT teams, but is very much complementary to what they do. If anything, it will save them time to focus on other tasks at hand. You’re not just buying the reports you haven’t had a chance to create yet, but buying into the whole of what other peer organizations are doing.

Use Advarra Insights to surface the right data to make informed decisions

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Analyze comprehensive, meaningful data from your Advarra solutions


Leverage your OnCore data to get a comprehensive view into your research portfolio and ensure your organization is moving in the right direction. Insights allows you to identify low-accruing protocols, analyze study activation timelines, and measure staff effort.

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Use data visualizations to take a comprehensive look at publications, grant recipients, and engaged scholars across your entire organization. Insights is ideal for demonstrating the value of your research to your internal leadership, as well as progress for CCSG and CTSA funding.

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Learn more about how Insights can help guide your operational strategies

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