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The Clinical Research Training Program Checklist: What to Look For

Training is an essential and often required, component of conducting clinical research. Effective training teaches researchers how to ethically and compliantly execute study activities, communicate with participants, manage regulatory requirements, interact with research tools and technology, and provide proper oversight of staff. Despite their potential impact on a study’s success, training programs are often outdated, unengaging, and redundant. Therefore, it is critical to select a vendor or program encompassing not only regulatory requirements but also your organization’s goals. When shopping for clinical research training programs, use the criteria below to ensure your training is engaging, efficient, and effective.

To print this checklist, right-click and select ‘Print’. You can then use this checklist offline as a PDF if desired.

Training Method and Delivery

How do you plan to deploy and implement your training program? Whether you’re planning to host training in-person, via online platforms, or leverage a hybrid approach, below are implementation considerations.

Course Content

What should the training cover? Every training course should prove detailed enough to ensure your staff and investigators can conduct research but condensed enough to encourage comprehension and completion. That means creating educational and practical course content so your team can understand but execute. Below is a list of research topics for teams new to research. First, select the topics applicable to your team. Second, evaluate the program to understand and compare how much time is required to complete the programs you are considering.

Program Credibility and Experience

The best research training programs leverage experienced training teams with experienced researchers. There are two key factors to consider when evaluating program credibility:

CME/CEU Credit Options

To maximize a training program’s value, the content and credentials should apply beyond a single instance or event. Below are considerations for maximizing your training investment:

More new-to-research sites are engaging in trials to reach patient populations, achieve enrollment, and startup objectives, and adapt to site staffing shortages and turnover. Unlike other offerings available in the market, Advarra’s Clinical Research Conduct Training integrates required research topics with an operational mindset to ensure researchers can quickly turn knowledge into practice while successfully and compliantly conduct a study, all within a third of the time required for traditional programs.

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