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Technology Staffing and Support

Set Your Team Up for Long-Term Success

Unlike other consultants or outsourcing firms, our unique product expertise and ability to perform various roles simultaneously enable us to provide strategic guidance and skills to complete projects.

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Research Technology Staffing

We focus on delivering high-quality results designed to help expedite your organization’s path to lasting success. Roles include but are not limited to:

  • CTMS coordinator
  • Software coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Software trainer
  • CTMS trainer
  • CTMS support
  • Project advisor

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Research Technology Project Support

Get the most out of your technology with expert assistance for CTMS, eRegulatory, electronic data capture (EDC), and other frequently used research technology systems.

  • New system implementation assistance
    • Plan projects and monitor deliverables
    • Configure systems and complete builds
  • Workflow development
    • Lead workflow workshops
    • Create, evaluate, and improve workflow documentation
  • End user support
    • Investigate and resolve issues
    • Ad hoc training
  • End user training
    • Create training materials
    • Deliver classroom training
  • Functionality rollouts
    • Plan projects and monitor deliverables
    • Configure systems and complete builds
  • Software upgrades
    • Plan, test, and monitor systems moving to new versions

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