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SubjectWell Features Advarra Experts James Riddle and Luke Gelinas in White Paper

In a recent article, SubjectWell interviewed James Riddle, Advarra Vice President of Research Services and Strategic Consulting, and Luke Gelinas, Advarra Senior Chair Director in their white paper, Compensation norms create inequity in clinical trials. 

Participant compensation continues to be a hot topic in the research community. While there are justifiable concerns regarding undue influence or coercion through compensation, there are ways researchers can avoid such influence.  

Riddle describes how an IRB reviews studies for these risks, explaining, “[T]he regulations don’t say to eliminate undue influence, just to minimize the possibility…. [F]iguring out ‘how much is too much’ depends on the circumstances of each participant.”  

Additionally, Gelinas explains the difference between reimbursement and remuneration, noting “… as long as they don’t hold people in the study when they’d otherwise withdraw,” it’s okay to pay people to participate in a trial. 

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