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Advarra In Conversations With…

The future of healthcare innovation hinges on research and clinical trials. Advarra sits down with leading experts to dig into pressing issues and explore cornerstone solutions. Join us as we discuss topics and trends impacting the healthcare of tomorrow and advancing clinical research to be safer, smarter, faster.


April 13, 2021

Cheryl Byers and Dr. John H. Stewart Discuss Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Cancer Research

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in cancer research are critical to clinical research. In this episode, Advarra’s Cheryl Byers and Dr. John H. Stewart have a discussion on what is DEI, the current climate of DEI in cancer research, and considerations to improve DEI in clinical trial enrollment and retention.


March 22, 2021

James Riddle and Luke Gelinas Explore Digital Health and Regulation

This podcast covers an array of topics as they explore how COVID has been a catalyst for change, what digital health means for running clinical trials, and how sponsors, CROs, sites, and IRBs can consider when reviewing new digital technologies as a result of COVID.

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