Leverage the processes and technology of the world’s largest integrated IRB, locally!

Advarra GPS™ is a managed service to navigate regulatory risks and increase the capacity of your local IRB office. Get a turnkey solution for staffing and training, regulatory compliance, investigator communications, sIRB management, recordkeeping, and more, right at your location.

Advarra GPS helps you:

  • G—Guide you through compliance risks
  • P—Protect you from staffing challenges
  • S—Streamline turnaround times and increase capacity

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Get a dedicated, experienced local IRB director

Gain access to a customized eIRB platform

Tap into investigator training and protocol development support

Rely on a predictable monthly subscription price

Increase capacity with daily IRB meetings and dedicated reviewers

Advarra Services for Institutions

Advarra offers comprehensive services to fit your local IRB. Whether you need additional IRB review capacity or a completely-managed local IRB service, Advarra has a solution to help your health system, hospital, or university chart a course to success.

Advarra GPS Managed Service

Let Advarra guide your organization through the challenges of operating a local IRB office. Experience the benefit of a turnkey solution that drives all local IRB office components, including staffing, communications, recordkeeping, reporting, training, sIRB, and more.

IRB Staffing and Consulting

Partner with experienced IRB professionals to add capacity, cover for vacancies, or improve your local IRB program. Gain interim staff and IRB members who get up to speed quickly, and keep your program running smoothly.

Independent IRB Review

Rely on the same efficient integrated IRB review trusted by over 3,200 institutions. Make the most of your relationships with all major sponsors and CROs to increase your access to industry-sponsored research.

Schedule a meeting today and learn how we guide, protect, and streamline your research program. Advarra GPS™ provides everything to outsource your local IRB office but still have it feel like it’s your own.