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21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Electronic Regulatory Document Management

Advanced Remote Document Management for Audit Readiness and Compliance

CCeReg helps sites, site networks, and health systems ensure regulatory compliance, while eliminating the cost and inefficiency of paper binders. Overall, helping to maintain audit readiness.

Benefiting from an eReg Management System

By replacing large manual binders with a digital system, CCeReg provides a more efficient and convenient way to manage compliance. Being integrated with Clinical Conductor CTMS, the system makes it easier to find information, track data, and ensure accuracy. This helps create better results, reduce double entry, and improve sponsor satisfaction.

Stay Compliant

• Be organized, current, and audit-ready
• Ensure timely eSignatures from any location
• Automatically monitor credentialing and licensure

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Avoid Study Deviations

• Automate deadline notifications
• Stay on schedule with remote PI eSignatures
• Automate version control

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Accelerate Startup Time

• Automate status, deadline, and alert notifications
• Minimize interruptions with workflow imbedded eSignatures
• Track milestones and expiration dates

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Eliminate Paper Binder Costs

• Eliminate storage and retrieval costs
• Turn binder supply costs into a distant memory
• Increase efficiency while reducing labor costs

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