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Participant and Caregiver Payments Made Easier

A Participant-Centric Payment Application, Seamlessly Integrated with Clinical Conductor CTMS

CCPay provides real-time payment reimbursements to secure debit cards issued and tracked in Clinical Conductor. A cost-effective solution offering comprehensive support, CCPay includes advanced financial analytics throughout participant payment process.

Debit Card Payment and Payment log

Why CCPay?

Incorporating CCPay into your CTMS reduces one of the most significant administrative pain points: ensuring correct payments with full oversight and audit trails. Participant payments amplify this due to the sheer number of subjects in any given trial. By utilizing fast and secure digital payments, staff can record and audit these transactions quickly and efficiently.

Pre-paid Debit card sent to participant

Two way messaging between site staff, speech bubbles and questions

Enhance the Participant Experience
  • Directly pay participants with a secure pay card
  • Reload cards in real time, making payments effortless
  • Boost retention and satisfaction with seamless transactions
  • Support caregivers with stipend cards
Streamline Site Staff Processes
  • Find potential study participants over a wider geographic area
  • Share study information with participant-centric messaging
  • Answer questions and qualify in real time with two-way text chat
  • Funnel prospects into Clinical Conductor CTMS for screening
  • Maximize prospect recruitment and diversity
Increase Site Oversight
  • Reduce errors and time on administrative tasks
  • Centralize transactions and stay alert of every detail
  • Monitor finances with detailed payment reports
  • Increase site-level financial security
  • Enhance community branding with custom pay cards

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