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Promote Investigator Readiness and Achieve Faster Site Activation

IRB-Ready™ helps condense the time it takes to obtain IRB review for numerous sites to the time ordinarily needed to approve a single site. 

About IRB-Ready

The IRB-Ready approach leverages Advarra’s capabilities to promote investigator readiness and accelerate study startup. Investigators also benefit from IRB-Ready. Once you submit an application through Advarra, your information will be maintained and ready for subsequent submission, resulting in better quality, less work and faster review.

This is just one more way Advarra provides a seamless approach for clients and partners throughout every aspect of research conduct. Benefits include:

  • Faster site selection and activation
  • Earlier recruitment and enrollment
  • Reduced time from site activation to first participant first visit (FPFV)
  • Real-time transparency of key performance metrics
  • Improved efficiency

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