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Recruit and Engage Participants

Recruit, Inform, and Empower Your Trial Participants and Their Caregivers

Support your study participants from recruitment to close-out with informative videos, personalized guidance and alerts, and virtual visits within an intuitive and compliant platform.

Clinical Trial Participant getting treatment in different areas

Explore how the Longboat Platform engages patients before they are even enrolled in a trial.

Learn how the Longboat Platform helps you support participants. 

Increase Patient Recruitment

Spread awareness of your trial to prospective patients with tailored recruitment websites that support integrated referral management to ensure every patient receives site follow-up.

Icon of pencil signifying informed consent

Ensure Informed Consent

Make sure participants on your study are fully prepared for the informed consent discussions via a series of concise participant-facing videos, accessible to both sites and participants.

icon of a video screen signifying educating participants

Educate Participants

Ensure compliance through educated participants on the placebo effect, study procedures, and the aims of your study through study-specific animated training videos.

Maintain Engagement and Protocol Compliance

Guide your participants through each trial visit with email/SMS reminders, and clear patient-centric guidance on what to expect before, during, and after every study visit.

Communicate Updates and Milestones

Keep the participant engaged and connected to your study through regular updates including study progress, milestones achieved, therapeutic area information, surveys, and study newsletters.

Demonstrating the Impact of the Longboat Platform on Recruitment Success

Challenged to ensure recruitment targets were achieved across 164 trial sites and 20 countries, sites utilized the Longboat Platform to improve patient recruitment.

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